The COVID-19 pandemic is truly unprecedented and continues to generate new and unforeseen needs within the IDF. FIDF remains in daily contact with the IDF to ensure that every soldier’s needs are met during this difficult time. 

Contributions here will continue to support the needs of tens of thousands of heroic young men and women, as FIDF strives to create a better everyday life and brighter future for the brave soldiers of the IDF.

Your donation may provide relief through the supply of essential food and basic needs, support and education for troubled youth hit especially hard by poverty exacerbated by COVID-19, or ease the financial pressure of a soldier whose family can no longer afford to offer support due to layoffs and financial instability.

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October 5, 2020



Dear Friends,

Israel is facing its second wave of COVID-19 with thousands of Israelis testing positive and an increase in mortalities. The country has gone into its second lockdown, and once again the IDF has been called in to assist in an array of diverse activities to help Israel and its citizens cope with the new wave of social and economic hardships.

This lock down is especially difficult as Israelis had to celebrate the High Holidays and Succoth alone, without their families and often outside of the synagogues.

Like any other mission, the IDF is facing this with courage and determination. Our young men and women serve all of us and stand ready to protect in any way required.

To keep you informed, here are the latest numbers:

  • 3,500 soldiers are reinforcing the Home Front Command.
  • 1,450 soldiers and reservists are assisting “red” authorities on behalf of the Home Front Command.
  • There are approximately 3,000 reservists who are reinforcing various units.
  • 1,000 soldiers are assisting the Israel Police in the task of supervising the observance of instructions in the civilian sector.
  • Approximately 350 soldiers and reservists are reinforcing staff units in hospitals.
  • Approximately 500 reservists are serving in 26 hotels for isolation and recovery throughout the country.
  • Approximately 85 medics and soldiers are assisting civilian laboratories.
  • 1,000 soldiers and reservists are reinforcing the Alon Task Force; approximately 600 in reserve duty, and 400 in active duty.

We are in the cities, in hospitals, supporting welfare activities such as food distribution, working with the police, and managing logistics at the hotels hosting people who have been diagnosed with the disease. These activities are in addition to the internal IDF assignments and its preparation for another 30 days of lockdown at the bases.

We were informed by the IDF during that period, that there was an increase of 50% in soldiers requests for financial assistance, and unfortunately that request number is now approaching close to 30,000 soldiers in need. I am pleased to share with you that before Rosh Hashana we were able to distribute over 5 million shekels to both Lone Soldiers and other soldiers requiring assistance to aid in providing them with basic holiday necessities.

Our mission is not over, as their mission is still ongoing.

Clearly the role of the IDF is much broader and more diverse than just protecting our borders. Our soldiers are also the protectors of hope and the providers of support to the people in Israel and around the world in a multitude of ways.

We remain vigilant and work closely with the IDF to assess their needs, and we are redirecting funds to support the emerging financial requirements of our beloved young men and women as they continue to face this difficult challenge.

We are grateful for your support so far and we will continue to keep you updated.

L’shana Tova. May this year bring unity, health and hope to all of us in the United States, Israel and around the world.


Steve Weil



Steve Weil
Chief Executive Officer



President of Israel