Lightening their burden.

FIDF funds programs for combat soldiers aimed at alleviating financial stress, economic insecurity, or distraction, allowing their minds to focus entirely on the complex military missions at hand. Other programs target the individual financial needs of specific units, while providing meaningful direct contact between soldiers and their unit’s donors.


Adopt a Brigade
The Adopt a Brigade program personally connects a donor with a brigade of choice to provide critical support to the entire brigade. For a full brigade, typically comprising 2,000 to 4,000 soldiers, donors care for the welfare needs of its soldiers through food vouchers and direct grants, and care for the emotional well-being of its soldiers through a commander discretionary fund.


Adopt a Battalion
The Adopt a Battalion program benefits a single battalion of choice comprised
of approximately 350 soldiers with funds dedicated to both their financial welfare and their emotional well-being. The program offers donors a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the adopted soldiers.


“When I turned 17, my father lost his job and I had to work to help support my family. I always dreamed of joining a combat unit in the IDF but without the money I was earning, we wouldn’t be able to cover our rent. Through FIDF’s Financial Support Program, I received a grant so that my family had what they needed until my father was able to find a new job, which enabled me to begin my service.”

— Sgt. David