Transforming futures.

FIDF’s Education programs give soldiers the necessary tools to reach their full potential, providing for a successful continuum from high school to higher education and into the job market. FIDF’s market-leading IMPACT! scholarship program matches donors with combat or combat-support veterans to grant them with full four-year academic scholarships.

IMPACT! Scholarships
The IMPACT! Scholarship program pairs donors with former combat and combat support soldiers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to sponsor their higher education with a full four-year scholarship and all living expenses covered.


Formal Education
Boasting an incredible 95% success rate, the Formal Education program is a four to five-month course that enables soldiers to receive a high school diploma, ensuring that all Israeli teens are given the opportunity to serve in the IDF, meet their potential, and set their course for a successful future.


Project Overcome
Project Overcome enables those who were historically considered “unfit for service,” due to criminal records, addiction, or other behavioral problems, to enlist and gain crucial skills that will help them throughout their service and set them on a path to becoming citizens who positively contribute to Israeli society.


Mamriot – Cyber and Technology Training
Mamriot is a unique initiative aimed at closing the gender gap in high-tech units of the IDF by offering early cyber and tech training to teenage girls, half of whom are from disadvantaged communities, eventually serving as a springboard into high-tech careers.


Momentum – Re-Entry into Civilian Life
Momentum provides soldiers with the fundamental tools, skills, and information they need to return to civilian life. Additional seminars are offered to combat soldiers to process their experiences and further prepare them for civilian re-entry.


Professional Training
The Professional Training program provides combat soldiers with hands-on training for an array of vocational career paths in the private sector.


Spectrum of Talent
This program opens the IDF’s doors to soldiers on the autistic spectrum. In this special track soldiers with autism spend six weeks with specialized mentors who help them integrate into military life and accompany them throughout their service.


Soldier Recharge

Soldier Recharge is a week-long educational program that takes soldiers out of their day-to-day operational activities, often after intense periods on the battlefield, and provides them with a chance to process their experiences and mentally prepare for their mission ahead. Aimed at increasing motivation and morale, it also allows soldiers and their commanders to strengthen the unity, as well as their connection to their mission. A condensed 24-hour version was introduced for combat soldiers during the most recent war as a way to recharge between missions and for professionals to offer intervention for soldiers displaying early warning signs of PTSD.

“After completing my FIDF courses, I understood that with hard work and a little help, the sky is the limit! Thanks to FIDF, I received an opportunity that has truly changed my life.”

– Graduate of the Bagrut Matriculation Course