Moving stories, exclusive base visits, donor spotlights.

Bringing the men and women of the IDF directly to you.

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Featuring host, media personality and former Lone Soldier, Joel Chasnoff


FIDF LIVE world premiere featuring moving soldier stories, exclusive base visits, and FIDF donor spotlights!

Be transported, because in honor International Women’s Day, FIDF is spotlighting the IDF’s actual Wonder Women!

FIDF goes behind the scenes with the elite IDF Air Force Combat Rescue Unit 669. Plus, interviews with Lone Soldiers and a special FIDF donor highlight!

Celebrate Passover with the IDF soldiers, protectors of the Jewish freedom today.

om HaShoah – FIDF remembers. Honor the memory of the 6 million murdered simply for being Jewish with the IDF soldiers who promise Never Again to future generations. Hear the testimony of a survivor whose yellow star ostracized him; and meet his grandchild who wears the blue star of the State of Israel as a symbol of liberty on his IDF uniform. At a time when Auschwitz sits locked and empty, virtually travel with FIDF’s “From Holocaust to Independence” mission to connect again to the miracle of our triumphant reality out of the ashes of the concentration camps.

Yom HaAtzmaut – Party like it’s 1948! Hear from Israeli leadership, sing with the IDF ensemble, and meet the sabras and soldiers who’ve shaped Israel into the inspiring, ever-advancing place we know and love.

Innovation & Technology – Israel: start-up nation, scale-up nation, and all-around innovation nation. What is it about Israel that creates the optimal conditions for trailblazing genius and creativity? The IDF of course! This week, we’re spotlighting the innovative technology that’s not only saving lives but shaping the future.

Mother’s Day & Yom Yerushalayim – You might call yours “Mama,” “Mom,” or “Ema”, but what if she also went by “Commander”? It happens all the time in Israel. This week, we’re meeting the soldiers who are moms, and saluting the moms, the behind-the-scenes heroes, who raise our beloved protectors. We’re also celebrating the Mother of Israel, Jerusalem! A fitting serendipity that Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, also falls this week.

One week and 4,000+ rockets after Operation Guardian of the Walls ceased, we’re bringing you the IDF soldiers who served on the front lines. Learn what really happened from a commander in the Iron Dome Battalion – whose soldiers saved Israel from unimaginable tragedy; connect with an IDF Air Force Pilot and hear directly from the IDF’s International Spokesperson. Skip the sensationalism and go directly to the source on this exclusive episode

Does silence mean peace? Join us for a truly exclusive and unprecedented briefing, as we travel to areas usually forbidden to civilians, to understand the threat on each of Israel’s borders, including land, sea and air, and learn from the heroes of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

In honor of Independence Day, FIDF LIVE is saluting the unwavering relationship between America and Israel. Meet with American and Israeli military leaders and soldiers to hear what makes this generational alliance so strong and essential on a national and global level.

Meet the people who fly into action at a moments notice.

Giving up comfort and security, hear the stories of Lone Soldiers, the young and worldly men and women who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

You submitted your questions, now get your answers! Hear from IDF Officers in the Air Force, Ground Forces, Navy, and Home Front Command.

What do you when you are on a mission and a soldier is critically wounded? What do you do when you spot terrorists smuggling weapons across the border? Meet the soldiers who confront these questions every day.