Providing comfort and care.

FIDF ensures that IDF soldiers who have suffered lifelong injuries or losses to protect the State of Israel can continue to live a high quality of life. Our programs offer care to those who need it most. Whether physical or psychological wounds, FIDF assists with their recoveries every step of the way, strengthening their mental and physical capabilities and providing the support they need to find happiness. The Bereaved Families program offers financial, therapeutic, and emotional support to families of the fallen.

Wounded Soldiers
Wounded Soldiers program ensures that IDF soldiers who have suffered a wound, injury, or trauma during service can continue to live a high quality of life through support in their recovery process and access to cutting-edge solutions such as advanced medical and technological rehabilitation equipment, service and therapy dogs, emotional support, and financial support.

Bereaved Family Retreats
Bereaved Family Retreats provide families of fallen soldiers the opportunity to heal, rebuild, and bond with other bereaved families as they embark on the challenge of rebuilding their future.

Legacy Summer Camps
Legacy Summer Camps sponsor B’nai Mitzvah-age siblings and children of fallen soldiers to attend a summer camp in the United States, giving them the opportunity to heal and bond with other children who have faced similar losses.

Unity Race
Each year, FIDF sponsors and special running race that honors the brave Druze soldiers who lost their lives protecting Israel.

Therapy Dogs
For veterans with severe emotional or psychological trauma, simple interactions or everyday tasks can be overwhelming. FIDF’s Therapy Dog Program matches each of these veterans with a puppy, who will be trained to recognize anxiety, depression, and distress.

“For the first time since 2005, I feel at home. I finally have the support of people who understand my situation. These feelings give me closure I have been seeking. I am no longer alone”

A.B., Member of HFH