Missions (Almost) Impossible

After a year of border closures, canceled trips, and FIDF’s relentless monitoring of travel regulations in constant flux, we succeeded in seizing two narrow windows of opportunity to stand alongside our soldiers who sustain the homeland of Israel.


This inaugural, weeklong experience gave forty supporters, accompanied by FIDF Chief Executive Officer Steve Weil and Chairman of the Board Peter Weintraub, an exclusive opportunity to visit military bases, meet with top Israeli officials, and explore the FIDF programs that empower soldiers to maximize their potential. At a time when it was almost impossible to visit Israel, FIDF made it happen when others could not.

Amazingly, our delegation was privileged to meet and chat with a wide range of active soldiers, including F-16 fighter pilots, paratroopers, and Flotilla 13 warriors. We heard countless, first-hand stories of bravery from commanders of Yahalom, Home Front Command, Search & Rescue, and Havat Hashomer Educational Base, just to name a few. We paid our humble respects at national memorials, and we shared tears one-on-one with bereaved families who allowed us to hear their intimate stories of pain and sacrifice. And yes, we were hosted by and joined in candid conversation with the President of Israel inside his private home in the Talbiya neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The success of the mission exceeded our greatest dreams, even further solidified our deep ties to the stronghold of the country and created new relationships which shall pave the way for new generations of FIDF supporters to come.

LT General Aviv Kochavi, IDF Chief Of General Staff; Peter Weintraub, FIDF Board Chairman


Led by FIDF National Director Maj. Gen. (Res.) Nadav Padan and brothers Omer and Roy Goldstein, both world-famous cycling champions, over three dozen of our supporters from the U.S. joined an awe-inspiring team of IDF veterans, many severely wounded in combat, for a formidable, week-long cross-country bike ride in Israel.

This 6th annual trek took them from the Jordan Valley to the Israeli Lebanese border village of Ajar, through Metula, Masada, Mount Bentel, along the Israeli Syrian border to the Sea of Galilee, and finally onward to Jerusalem. While the invigorating journey may have spanned over 300 miles and sometimes painfully steep mountainous terrain, remarkably, it was a deeply emotional journey as well, being that some of the courageous veterans made the historic ride using prosthetic limbs where youthful, healthy legs had once been.

As we applaud the strength and conviction of these heroes, which is almost unfathomable at times, we also take the same moments to reflect, with tremendous gratitude, upon you, our loyal donors, who keep our soldiers cared for through FIDF programs such as Wounded Soldiers, Project Overcome, Bereaved Families, and the like. Thank you for helping us help them reclaim their lives.


Good news! Although reservations for the very special, upcoming mission to Poland — offering supporters the unique chance to retrace history from the Holocaust to Israeli independence — reached full capacity almost instantly after plans for the life-changing trip was announced, FIDF worked hard to meet the demand for additional spots. Register today as we are nearing capacity!

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