About Project Overcome

Like every modern nation, Israel has its share of young citizens who struggle with emotional problems, addictions, low self-esteem or lack of ambition, often exacerbated by poverty. These youths were traditionally not considered fit for the IDF, and had few opportunities to gain successful employment. Long overlooked and underestimated, through Project Overcome, troubled youth have a chance to reform their behavior and gain tools and life skills that are relevant for army service and as professionals in the civilian market. Taking place during IDF service, the program offers them a clean slate, a chance to discover exciting new capabilities in themselves, and a path to change their future.

“The track that I went through in the IDF would never have been possible without this course… The course opened up so many options for me that I didn’t even know existed, and I got to understand what meaningful work is.”

Shoshana, IDF Commander and Program Graduate