Ohio Chapter

About the Ohio Chapter

The Ohio Chapter was founded in 1986. We are 3,000 strong with supporters hailing from Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Youngstown and Toledo.

Our community funds 100 IMPACT! students every year, and we’re involved in FIDF’s Adopt a Brigade program for IDF Paratroopers. Additionally, our supporters are avid participants in missions to Israel. Our Annual Dinner attracts over 600 people each year.

Since its founding, the Ohio Chapter has sponsored the Reim Sports Outdoor Court Project, located 2.5 miles from the Gaza Strip. The Chapter has also underwritten a clubhouse at the Navy Base in Rosh Hanikra (sponsored by the Krasney Family), and The Elyakim Clubhouse (sponsored by the Reisman Family). In addition, the Ohio Chapter has sponsored leisure clubs, mobile gyms, and synagogues all over Israel.

We are particularly proud of our role in renovating the basketball court and Gym at the Havat HaShomer base. Havat HaShomer base takes young men who are on the fringe of society, the socially disadvantage, the drug and alcohol users and the criminals, and in 10 short weeks changes their lives, not only integrating them back into the IDF but into Israeli society.

Lane Schlessel, MSW

Director, Ohio Chapter

Jill Barron

Development Associate

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Board Members

Beth BrodyMichael Millstein

Richard Soclof, Chairman Emeritus

Eric ChajmovicJan Moskowitz

Marcy Stahm, Secretary

Jeff Cohen, GNO, Event Co-ChairAlice RickelRick Tannenbaum
Leah DickerBrian RobbinsBetty Trangle
Michael DrusinskyIleen RosnerDan Ungar
Rob FriedmanLeo RosnerMarci Ungar
Jeff GottliebShelley Roth, President EmeritusRichard Uria, Chairman
Lorin GottliebPeter SaltzElie Weiss, Chairman Emeritus
Irwin Haber, Chairman EmeritusEdia ShaiRabbi Stephen Weiss
Erica Hartman HorvitzBruce ShermanZev Weiss, Chairman Emeritus
Judy Kaufman, 4-Star IMPACT! Society ChairCarol ShermanCindy Wolf
Ronald J. LorigRabbi Joshua SkoffMarc Wolf
David B. MalikDebi Slater 
Jared MillerHoward Slater