Midatlantic Chapter

About the Midatlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic Region of the FIDF was founded in late summer of 2008 in Baltimore and has grown to include new Chapters in Washington D.C. and Virginia.

With more than 3,000 active donors across the Region, we have been able to support many special projects and programs and do our part to help the soldiers. We have helped build a recreation/cultural center on the Urim base (Baltimore chapter), a gym on the Gozal base (Washington D.C. chapter) and a new gym and outdoor leisure space for the new Commando Brigade (Virginia chapter).

The entire Region participates in FIDF’s Adopt a Unit program.  We have proudly adopted Shayetet 3, the third Flotilla of the Navy. In addition, the Washington Chapter has adopted three IAF squadrons; Baltimore supports the Kedem Search and Rescue Battalion, and Northern Virginia supports the HQ unit of Nachal Infantry Brigade. Our Region avidly supports the IMPACT! Scholarship Program, having funded more than 130 students with 68 active students.

Our Regional Annual ‘Standing Together’ Gala Dinner in Washington D.C., and our Baltimore Gala, attracts more than 1,200 attendees each year. The 2017 event in Washington D.C. broke our record, raising north of $800,000.

The Mid-Atlantic Region is very proud to have a robust and growing Young Leadership group, which comprises young professionals from across the Region. We offer local, regional and national programs that allow leaders to evolve, grow and demonstrate their support for FIDF and Israel.

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DC Board Members

Andrew Abramowitz, Young Leadership Rachel Federowicz, Chair, Women’s Brigade Committee Mark Rabin
Lee Alexander Scott Fishkind, Co-chair, Young Leadership Kinneret Rand-Yadin, Chair, Lone Soldier Committee
Stephanie Aseraph, Young Leadership Jason Gold, President Todd Rosenberg, Chair, IDF to Boardroom
Sara Avissar, Founding Member Larry Green Jenna Schilit, Young Leadership
Lydia Benaim Tomer Hilel, Young Leadership Ben Shlesinger, Young Leadership
Glenn Benson, Co-chair, Young Leadership Arnie Hiller, Chairman, Midatlantic Region Larry Sidman
Guy Berliner Jeffrey Holtzman Keith Solit
Paul Bortnick, Young Leadership Daniel Kotz, Young Leadership Joseph Turitz, Chairman
Robert Burman Felix Kushner Sindy Udell
Allan Chandler Yogev Moyal, Young Leadership Micha Weinblatt, Young Leadership
Bobby Cohen, National President Amit Natanzon Miriam Weinblatt, Young Leadership
Carrie Coonin Robert Nath, Chair, IMPACT! Committee Malka Weitzman
Yahel Elimelech, Young Leadership Benjamin Osborne  


Baltimore Board Members

Richard Alter Linda Elman Joe Rambro
Rosalie Alter Bill Fox – Chair, Midatlantic Region and National Board Member 2018-2020 Alisa Rank – Young Leadership
Garry Applebaum Mitch Gold – Chairman Mark Renbaum
David August Eddie Goldmeier Eddie Rogers
Julie August Beth Goldstein Richard Rynd
Irwin Azman Berly Hershkovitz Larry Seegull
Sandy Bernheim Judith Sherwood Janoski Jack Serio
Larry Cooper Josh Mauer Marty Taylor – President, Baltimore Chapter
Sandy Dobres Vered Mei Tal Steve Wions
Ron Eisenberg Rony Natanzon  


Virginia Board Members

Cookie Blitz, Chair Kathy Magnuson
Kerri Bradley, Co-Chair, Thank You Committee Joel Nied, President
Andrew Brownstein David Roggen
Gary Gamerman Jacob Ruytenbeek
Joel Gardner Daniel Seltzer
David Goldberg Neal Sereboff
Rachel Goldberg Quigley Steven Tursky
Carol Gordon David Winston
Scott Gould Alan Zucker, Chair, Lone Soldier Committee
Melissa Krumbein, Co-Chair, Thank You Committee