About the Illinois Chapter

The Illinois Chapter was founded in 1981. Based in Chicago, we represent the larger Midwest community. Our leadership is nearly 70-strong, made up of a committed and engaged Board of Directors who oversee the year-round activities for our 2,500 members in support of the young men and women of the FIDF.

We host a wide range of events, including Bourbon & BBQ, Women’s Brigade Annual Benefit, Yom Ha'atzmaut and the Paratroopers Delegation community celebrations, as well as missions to Israel. Our Annual Dinner attracts over 800 people and raises more than $2MM. Our chapter is also proud to have a very active Young Leadership group.

The Illinois Chapter has undertaken several capital projects for IDF soldiers to enjoy, including the Herrendorf Family Sports Center at the Meishar Base, Sklare Sports Center at the Haifa Naval Training Base, the Polak Sports and Recreation Center at the Shraga Base, the Zweig Auditorium and Garden on Tel Nof Base, and many more. The Ramat Gan Lone Soldier Home provides apartments for those serving away from their families, while the Silverman Family and Lori Komisar Clinic provides medical care for the thousands of soldiers who serve on the Nevatim Air Force Base.

We are also avid supporters of IMPACT! scholarships. Our Region alone funds more than 20% of the over 4,000 IMPACT! students. In addition, our community has adopted the Paratrooper Brigade.  

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Executive Board Members

Daniel J. Hyman, Chairman
Rob Selati, Vice President
Nancy Babendir, Secretary/Treasurer
Andrew Goodman
Benjamin Leshem
Jorde M. Nathan


Board Members

Michael Balkin Michael Goldberg Israel Levi John Shear
Robert Bernat Steven Goldish Jonathan Markowitz Richard Sheiner
Craig Bernfield Ari Golson Gerald Mizel Morris Silverman
Steven Blonder Robert Harris Liora Mizel Richard Sincere
Craig Bondy Steven Hefter Jennifer Newman Ronald Sirt
Al Brody David Heller Louis Paster Daniel Stern
Douglas Cohen Larry Hochberg Robert Polak Noga Villalon
Lance Culter Adam Hoeflich James Resnick Gerald Weiner
Oren Dekalo David Israel Barry Rosenthal Laurence Weiner
Dan Drexler Robert Jacobson Saul Rudo Perry Weinstein
Steven Dry Eric Jaffee Loren Schechter Al Winick
Sig Feiger Donald Kirk Cary Schiff Joseph Wolf
Michael Fishman Larry Kugler Gregg Schneider Bradley Young
Albert Frank Dennis Lapidus Mark Schneider Arie Zweig
Fred Friedman Mark Levine Edward Schwartz  
Manuel Gliksberg Hezi Levy Glenn Seiden