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FIDF Base Visits

“Highlight of our visit!” “The kids didn’t want to leave!” “Really, what a special part of our trip.” Nope, they’re not talking about the Harry Potter exhibit at Disneyworld. This testimony all refers to visits that our donors and their families have made to IDF bases while on vacation in Israel. And you too can have that special opportunity. Get a tour of the facilities, see the soldiers in action during training exercises, and meet and thank our soldiers in the place that they call home while in service. Contact your local region for more information, and take your next trip to Israel to new heights.

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FIDF Delegation to Poland & Israel: From Holocaust to Independence

Every April, prominent FIDF supporters join IDF officers for an impassioned ten-day trip that takes them through our suffering in Poland during the Holocaust, to our prevailing strength and success in Israel. In Poland, the group visits sites whose stories tell only of sadness, such as the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camps and the Zbylitowska Gora forest, where countless Jews were murdered. But days later, the delegation flies on Israeli Air Force planes to Israel, and breathes the sweet air of freedom and triumph over tragedy. While in Israel, the delegation visits IDF army bases and meets with high-ranking dignitaries, such as the Prime Minister and President of Israel. They mourn Israel’s fallen soldiers on Yom Hazikaron and celebrate Israel’s liberty on Yom Haatzmaut. Soldiers, survivors, and supporters come together to honor our legacy, making the trip a moving tribute to the Jewish people’s power and perseverance.

Click here for the April 2014 Application!

Check out the April 2014 detailed itinerary for Poland here.
Check out the April 2014 detailed itinerary for Israel here.
For photos from the April 2013 Delegation click here.
Get a taste of the journey through personal testimony from the delegation, including a daily journal from noted academic Herbert London, an account from student Gideon Drucker, and the perspective of Sara Greenberg, granddaughter of one of the survivors on the trip.


FIDF Young Leadership Mission

Join FIDF’s Young Leadership Division and spend 10 unforgettable days experiencing the journey of an IDF soldier. Enjoy the luxury of an all-inclusive trip where you’ll visit elite IDF bases and connect with Israel through the soldiers’ eyes. This mission is an incredible opportunity to better understand what it means to serve in the IDF and the important mission of FIDF to support those who do. Most importantly, your presence will put a smile on the faces of men and women on active duty as you show them they are never alone. For more info, contact Director of National Young Leadership Dan Haskell at or call at 646-274-9641.

For photos from the 2013 Young Leadership Mission click here.

For the 2014 Mission Application Click Here

FIDF November Leadership Mission

You know the soldiers. You’ve heard their stories. You’ve recognized their struggles. And you’ve met their needs head on. Now, FIDF is offering an opportunity to see that support first hand.
Join us for the National Leadership Mission, a unique trip to Israel geared towards our leaders, spearheads, and advisors. Participants will be afforded exclusive meeting with Israel’s President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and the IDF Chief of Staff, among others. They will tour the facilities that their work with FIDF has made possible, including sections of the new IDF Training Campus, and will meet the brave men and women whose lives have been changed through the support of FIDF, such as IMPACT! students and Lone Soldiers. This mission has one goal for its participants: be inspired by the strength of our soldiers, the solidarity of the Jewish people, and the power of our country.
You have stood with us as we pursue our mission through the US and Panama; now stand with us as we explore it in Israel.

Click here for the November 2014 Application!

For photos from the November 2013 Mission Click Here

Check out some of the exclusive events from the November 2013 mission.


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"Meeting your wonderful group has done more for us than we could ever put into words."

- Yoav Schaefer, IDF Lone Soldier from California

"There are very few feelings you can have that match the feeling coming from a trip like that. It’s being on the front lines, it’s being in their rooms and tents, it’s eating with those soldiers. They are amazing kids. And they are kids."

- Kenneth Fishman, FIDF Supporter from Massachusetts

"What I experienced this week with all of you will forever be a part of me. I sat on the plane and found myself reflecting on it all and I just started weeping. I could not have had a higher honor than to have shared it with all of you. I feel I have made friends for life and, more importantly, formed a connection with Israel."

- Brett Shapiro, FIDF Supporter from Florida

"There’s no better way to see Israel… I guarantee you a trip of a lifetime!"

- Adam Tantleff, FIDF Supporter from New York

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