Following incessant rocket fire from Gaza at Israel, the IDF initiated Operation Protective Edge. 

On the 10th day of the operation, after continued terrorist assaults on Israel from land, air and sea, the IDF commenced the ground phase of the operation.

In the early days of the ground operation, Orange County Lone Soldier, Sahar identified several terrorists coming out of two underground tunnels, and immediately responded with fire. 

As a result of his bravery, Sgt. Sahar E. a Lone Soldier from Orange County received the Chief of Staff Citation, one of Israel's highest military decorations. Over 250 people turned out at the Merage JCC, to pay tribute to this brave but humble hero. 

We would like to thank Doron Armony and the Israeli Scouts of Orange County for their performance, and we would like to thank the Merage JCC of Orange County for hosting this event, and for the outstanding partnership with Samantha Cohen Program Director at the JCC.