A “One Stop Shop” for Lone Soldiers

On February 19th, 1,000 Lone Soldiers from different IDF units gathered together at an “Errands Day,” known in Hebrew as Yom Sidurim, sponsored by FIDF in partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh. 

These soldiers, who serve in the IDF without the support of any immediate family in Israel, often find that it is extremely difficult to find time to manage their personal affairs during their short and sparse breaks from the military – tasks like visiting government offices, applying for scholarships, converting their drivers’ licenses, managing their bank accounts, and making sure they receive all the benefits they deserve as new immigrants and Lone Soldiers.  

To resolve this problem, over 40 different booths representing different organizations and offices along with 1,000 Lone Soldiers from bases around the country gathered at the Tel Aviv Lone Soldiers’ Home for a productive “Errands Day” in which they were able to manage their personal affairs conveniently and under one roof. 

Sofa Landver, Israel’s Minister of Immigrant Absorption, was present at the event, and praised the Lone Soldiers for their dedication: “The decision to leave their comfortable lives, families, and friends and to come to Israel with the goal of drafting to meaningful positions in the IDF is not something to be taken for granted, and despite that, the soldiers who came here this morning and many others like them chose to do exactly that. The soldiers’ contributions to the State of Israel are tremendous and admirable and it is our duty to do all we can to make sure they feel at home.”

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