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Guys Night Out aims to raise money for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces while creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for all guests. This is an incredible evening with a premium liquor bar, kosher strolling dinner, cigar lounge, Scotch & Tequila bar, great raffle drawings and casino games. The event’s proceeds will benefit the brave soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces Protecting the Land of Israel and Jews all over the world.


Our Impact

With the dollars we raised over the past 7 years at our Annual Guys Night Out Events, the Ohio Chapter has made an impact. 

  • Furnished a recreation and sports facility for one of the IDF's Special Operations units.
  • Furnished a cultural center and outdoor leisure corner for on of the IDF's elite combat engineering units.
  • Renovated the Heritage Center and Garden for the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Battalion Anti-Tank Company, "Beit-Lid" Headquarters Base.
  • Furnished a gym for IDF's Elite Intelligence unit and renovated a basketball court at Havat Hashomer Base.
  • Furnished a culture room and garden furniture at Havat Hashomer Base.
  • Furnished 5 Leisure corners for Shayetet 13 – Navy Seals Unit and supported the renovation of a Multipurpose hall club at Yir Habahadim.

GNO Team

Chairman Emeritus
Jared Miller

Event Co-Chairs
Jeff Cohen
Richard Uria

Host Committee

Shaw Abrams Chuck Herman Brian Robbins
Charlie Bergman Mark Holz Sean Shubert
Mitchell Cohen Adam Jacobs David Soble
Gerry Engelhart Eric Ludwig Dan Ungar
Ken Fisher Noam Magence Adam Waldbaum
Alan Greenberg Yoel Mayerfeld Elie Weiss
Nathan Haber Michael Pasternak



2019 Ohio Guys Night Out