Never Alone: Supporting Lone Soldiers

This year, more than 3,300 courageous souls from across the globe made the valiant decision to protect the State of Israel as a Lone Soldier. While they spend time away from their families, friends, and all that is familiar to them, it’s our goal to ensure they feel supported and appreciated for all that contribute to Israel and Jews everywhere.

Through our Lone Soldier program, we continually strive to provide the 7,000+ brave young heroes – many from foreign lands – with all they need throughout their service. This year, “Warm Home,” a program ensuring Lone Soldiers feel the comforts of home when on break from service, is a top priority. The initiative provides a private room in an apartment for 3-4 Lone Soldiers in combat units at no cost. The apartments – in Jerusalem, Rishon Letzion, Rehovot, Holon, Ashdod, Netanaya and Petach Tikava – are overseen by “Warm Home” staff who ensure the soldiers needs are met. All units are equipped with weekly food, furniture, air conditioning, wireless Internet, a washer and dryer, linens, and more.

Flights home, rejuvenation retreats, financial assistance, Rosh Hashana vouchers, and “Family Day” gifts are just a few of the other ways we are providing thanks and comfort to our selfless young men and women.