Looking Ahead


Today, while less than 24% of professionals in Israel’s high-tech sector are women, female soldiers comprise only 15% of the personnel in the IDF’s cyber units. The pipeline for skilled personnel is diminishing, posing a long-term threat to Israeli security and innovation. Studies have shown that the standard technology curriculum is not conducive for girls to learn the necessary skills to pursue roles in technology, resulting in a high drop-out rate. Mamriot is a unique initiative aimed at closing the gender gap in high-tech units of the IDF—and Israeli society by extension—by offering cyber and tech training to teenage girls. Mamriot provides these girls, many from Israel’s geo-social periphery, a unique education they would not otherwise be able to receive. The curriculum, approach, and environment are designed to meet their emotional and developmental needs, and the program serves as a springboard into IDF technology units, and eventually into high-tech careers.



Since Israel was established, tens of thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their lives while countless others will carry their wounds for a lifetime. For too many, the mental and emotional wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with or without a physical injury, are devastating. They fight for Israel and for the Jewish people; it is our duty to alleviate suffering from a physical, mental, or emotional wound. FIDF partners with the Rehabilitation Division of Israel’s Ministry of Defense to ensure that IDF soldiers who have suffered a wound, injury, or trauma during service can continue to live a high quality of life. Through the Wounded Soldiers program, we support them in their recovery process and provide them with cutting-edge solutions such as K9 service and therapy dogs, advanced medical equipment, and financial support.


The profoundly dedicated soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces work tirelessly to maintain the security of the nation’s borders and safety of its people. FIDF’s Friendship Program provides customizable “bundles” of support to these worthy troops, which may include direct financial support or powerful emotional reinforcement, that create and cultivate strong relationships between the soldiers and their supporters. The program is aimed at uniting the unique interests of a donor with related, complimentary needs of a military unit.