Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner visited the Israel Defense Forces’ Yehuda Regional Brigade base near Jerusalem on January 8, as part of a trip to Israel.

During his visit, LaTurner toured the base’s headquarters, where he heard from an IDF intelligence officer about security challenges in the area. The visit was organized by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF).

“The hard-working soldiers of the IDF put themselves in harms way in the service of Israeli citizens and are dedicated to keeping the peace,” said LaTurner. “The IDF is a highly skilled military organization and I am grateful for the alliance they share with the United States for the protection of Israel and its citizens. It was a sobering experience for me to hear the kinds of challenges they face with an ever-present enemy. Thank you to the FIDF for allowing me the opportunity to tour this facility and see the work they are doing to support these soldiers and their families.”

LaTurner previously served in the Kansas State Senate from 2013 until 2017. He currently serves as the State Treasurer of Kansas and is running for United States Congress.