IMPACT! – Leaders Of Tomorrow

Every year, thousands of IDF veterans from low socioeconomic backgrounds are faced with the struggle of obtaining higher education after their service. For the 2021-2022 school year, there were more applications than ever before, and thanks to our generous supporters, more than 3,700 deserving veterans were each given the life-changing opportunity of a college education.

The IMPACT! Scholarship Program has enabled thousands of graduates to contribute to the world in awe-inspiring ways. Dozens of alumni who have gone on to have successful careers share their stories with new scholarship recipients. One of them is Dr. Omer Schwartz, an IMPACT! graduate whose professional accomplishments have advanced technology in Israel and the world at large. At a young age, Schwartz had to work to help support his family. He went on to serve as a combat soldier in the artillery corps and thanks to an IMPACT! scholarship, he was able to graduate college and further his education with a PhD in Exact Sciences from Ben Gurion University. Schwartz is a co-partner and head of the software division at Vonage 81, a successful Israel start up that was recently sold to cosmetics giant Il Makiage for $40 million! Immediately following the sale, Schwartz donated a full IMPACT! scholarship and adopted a student in the program as his life came full circle. “It was my dream to succeed in my profession and to be able to give back,” Schwartz said.

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Orna Pesach, executive director of the IMPACT! program; Dr. Omer Schwartz, co-partner and head of the software division at Vonage 81