Fidf Lends Support In Surfside

One of the tragedies that defined 2021 was the collapse of the Champlain Towers South, a 12-story beachfront condominium in the Miami suburb of Surfside, Florida. As the world watched and waited, the IDF moved to action immediately, knowing that any opportunity to save lives was of the utmost importance.


The IDF sent a team immediately to helpwith the search and rescue efforts and because of their advanced technological abilities and unceasing devotion to the mission, they were able to help in the recovery efforts. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the collapse, there were few survivors. But the IDF recognized the importance of bringing certainty to the families and worked endlessly until they had identified 81 of the 97 victims.


FIDF stayed on the pulse of this tragedy, inviting donors to a briefing call with Ram Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Oz Gino. The Lieutenant Colonel briefed the FIDF community on details and challenges not included in the media coverage. With this information, the FIDF family was able to mobilize the support that the soldiers needed during this grueling and heart wrenching task. FIDF board and staff members were sent to visit the soldiers as they continued in their mission, providing some measure of comfort during the devastating days.


When the team finished its work, there was an appreciation ceremony which included the mayor of Miami, the former residents of Champlain Towers, and families of the victims. The community, especially the Jewish community, welcomed the IDF delegation with open arms.

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