IDF Soldiers Say “Thanks!!!”

During Israel's recent Operation Pillar of Defense, FIDF worked around the clock to ensure the IDF's hardworking soldiers were taken care of. Whether it was by sending packages of snacks and much-needed clothing or by sending a "Break from the Battlefield" package including an LCD TV screen and board games, soldiers were able to uphold hygiene and were kept entertained in their few moments off from the battlefield and during the difficult task of keeping Israel safe under fire. 

FIDF distributed the following items during the operation:

  • 10 "Break from the Battlefield" kits
  • 2,000 undergarment kits
  • 4,635 toiletry kits
  • 10,000 field towelette and basic hygiene kits
  • 18,500 snack packages

A few soldiers took some time to express their appreciation for FIDF's work:

Thank u! FIDF for let us smile today at the base after a difficult week, last week. This gift made us think that there is someone out there that wants us to be happy! :))) So thank you ! :)

I'd like to thank you a lot for supporting the front line soldiers and helping to get the morale up with hot and tasty meals you helped us a lot, real pleasure. =)


Thanks to you, these soldiers always knew that while they were watching out for Israel, someone was always watching out for them. To continue giving to the brave men and women of the Israeli military, visit our donation page.