The Ensemble concert at Temple Beth Shalom was the last event after a very busy day for The IDF Ensemble. They started their morning at the North Shore Hebrew Academy where they performed two interactive shows. The children at North Shore Academy (pre-k through 5th grade) sang and danced along to their favorite Hebrew songs, it was a truly joyous event. A few of our brave soldiers were even brought to tears when their performance of Hatikvah was met with a chorus of singing children who not only knew everyword, but sang freely and from the heart. 

The IDF Ensemble then traveled to JFK Elementary School where they put on a 30 minute show: A Cultural Event of Hebrew and Israeli Music. The students in grades K-2 got a taste of Israeli culture, and what better way to do so than through songs performed by the Israel Defense Forces. Not only were the boys and girls bopping along to “Salam Alekom” and “Yom Yavo”, but many of them even made their way onto the stage to sing and dance alongside the soldiers.  

We owe the Long Island Community a huge thank you for making this day of music and celebration such a success. Your enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to our brothers and sisters in the Israel Defense Forces is unmistakable and deserving of recognition.