About the Strides Program

The Strides program helps IDF wounded veterans rediscover their strength by providing special prosthetics for athletic activities. The advanced technology for sports-centered prosthetics is customized for each recipient. Their physical fitness levels and goals are evaluated to create individualized prosthetics, which help them achieve a new, active lifestyle. The program also unites amputees to take part in physical activities, such as running or bike riding, with the help of their new prosthetics. These activities restore physical capabilities that allow these determined veterans to live their lives without limitations.


"The goal that I set for myself when I came to this program was to ride a regular bicycle, mainly to be able to go for a ride with my kids. The day we rode bicycles for the first time, I was terrified. After several tries, I said. 'This is incredible!'"

Dubby Genish, participant in Strides pilot program, wounded 2006

You can help wounded veterans live their lives without limitations.