Education_pillar_iconAbout the Israel Journey Program

Through FIDF’s Israel Journey program, IDF soldiers and commanders explore Israel’s rich sites, history and culture. Soldiers of all backgrounds embark on a six-day journey throughout Israel, each day focusing on a new layer of identity and a different region of the country. The journey allows soldiers to discover their roots, reflect upon the connections between themselves and society, and strengthen their understanding of Jewish traditions. The more they learn about Jewish and Israeli history, the more they understand - mentally, emotionally, profoundly - the critical nature of their mission.


“I learned a great deal from Israel Journey, more than I ever imagined possible. Each day of the journey opens you as a human being and teaches you about yourself and others. All of the discussions and activities, experiencing Shabbat in the Jewish Quarter, visiting the Western Wall and more, caused me to think and to connect in a more powerful way with my country and my people.”

Cadet from the 450 Battalion

You can help connect IDF soldiers to their sacred past, their challenging present, and their meaningful future.