Education_pillar_iconAbout the Identity & Purpose Program

FIDF’s Identity & Purpose programs conduct multiple courses for soldiers and commanders that focus on Jewish values and identity. Through seminars, workshops, discussion groups, and field trips, these programs allow soldiers to explore their Jewish identities and help them develop better personal and interpersonal skills. 

Our Spiritual Needs programs hone in on soldiers’ values, faith, and love of Israel through activities focused on important Jewish traditions. Shabbat dinners and celebration of Jewish holidays allow soldiers to enjoy traditional customs while away from their families and homes. FIDF provides items such as shofars, prayer items, menorahs, Shabbat candlesticks, Purim packages, and more. Such spiritual support warms the soldiers’ hearts, strengthens their spirits during difficult times, and provides a piece of home and heritage.


“The Identity and Purpose program we participated in dealt with the tension between the carrying out of a mission in defense of the State of Israel and her citizens, and the upholding of human dignity and respect for each person’s individual freedoms. This workshop helped us consolidate the spirit of our unit, and our identity as a moral and ethical unit, one where we hold strong to our values as we bravely and decisively
carry out our missions.”

Artillery Battalion Commander

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