Adopt the Paratroopers Brigade: Elite Infantry Force of the IDF


The IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade was founded in the mid-1950’s with the aim of creating an elite infantry force, innovating and improving fighting skills within other units, and raising the next generation of military commanders and officers. The historic brigade has been the source for many of Israel’s leaders, including Chiefs of Staff Moshe Dayan, Shaul Mofaz, Moshe Ya’alon, and Benny Gantz.

Along with its gallant efforts in missions and operations today, the brigade is known for its courageous fight in the Six Day War (1967), when it played a major role in the recapture of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, changing the course of Israeli history.

Today, the Paratroopers Brigade serves as an elite infantry force, operating with high mobility in all types of warfare. Acceptance into the Paratroopers Brigade is extremely competitive, and all recruits must undergo an exhaustive series of tests of mental and physical stamina and ability. Basic training for paratroopers lasts four months, followed by four months of advanced training.



Paratroopers Celebrate Wall’s Liberation In Atlanta

This story was originally posted at Atlanta Jewish Times The trio from the iconic 1967 photo helps Atlanta mark the 50th anniversary. Eli Regev was one bullet from death during the battle for Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, seeing both soldiers next to him shot down and knowing he was next, only to be spared when the Jordanians ran out of ammunition. So he was ready when he and fellow Israeli paratroopers were ordered to “run like lions into Jerusalem” despite carrying 110-pound packs on their backs, and when the city was reunited, he leaned against the Western Wall as

Israeli Paratroopers Visit Chicagoland Area to Mark Israel’s Memorial and Independence Days

This story was originally posted at Chicago Patch Four paratroopers from the Israel Defense Forces visited the Chicagoland area as part of a delegation surrounding “Yom Hazikaron” and “Yom Ha’atzmaut,” Israel’s Memorial and Independence Days. Arriving with the paratroopers were members of the IDF Musical Ensemble, some of Israel’s most talented active-duty artists, who perform for IDF troops stationed across Israel – and to select civilian audiences around the world. The soldiers commemorated “Yom Hazikaron,” Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terror, on Sunday, April 30, at Beth Hillel in Wilmette, in a ceremony led by Consul