Shayatet 3 and Daburim

The Shayetet 3 Squadron and the Daburim (Hornet) Patrol Squadron are two of the Israeli Navy’s most important units, patrolling Israeli waters and protecting civilians from harm.

The Shayetet 3 Squadron is the main combat force of the Israeli Navy. As the Navy’s fastest fleet, Shayetet 3 boats are equipped with the most advanced weaponry available. Shayetet 3’s objectives are to protect Israeli commerce at sea from foreign fleets, prevent possible naval blockades during wartime, and blockade enemy ports at wartime. The Shayetet 3’s range of complex operations demand the ability to cope with stormy conditions and operational challenges, work in remote areas, and cooperate with different operational units.

The Daburim Patrol Squadron is responsible for ongoing security and for maritime operations near and outside of Israel’s maritime borders. Each Daburim Squadron vessel performs a similar function but operates in a different region, ranging from Israel’s North near Lebanon to the South near Egypt and Jordan. Boats used by the Daburim Patrol Squadron include the Dvora (bee), the Super-Dvora 2 (super-bee), the Dabur (hornet) and the Tzra’ot (wasps).

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