The Golani Brigade was founded on February 22nd, 1948, three months before the founding of the State of Israel. It is considered the first combat brigade of the IDF and was initially stationed in the valleys and hills of the Lower Galilee in northern Israel. Its first soldiers included members of the Haganah, residents who lived in the areas of combat, and enlisted men from all over the country.

During the War of Independence, the Golani Brigade was deployed despite a shortage of arms and manpower. New arrivals to the budding State of Israel were immediately added to the unit and joined its troops in securing Israel’s statehood.

As one of the IDF’s most highly decorated infantry units, the Golani Brigade is often one of the first brigades to be called to reserve duty. Golani soldiers have fought in all of Israel’s wars and almost all of its major operations, including Operation Cast Lead and Operation Protective Edge.

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