Combat Intel

The Combat Intelligence Corps is responsible for reconnaissance and surveillance on the ground, relying on combat tactics and field operations. The information gathered, such as details on enemy operations and weapons used, is ultimately used to warn of impending dangers in real-time.

The corps’ responsibilities include navigation, field training, camouflage, intelligence evaluation; analyzing potential life-saving data through photographs taken in the field; operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cameras and transmitting information to troops on the ground; and using radar to protect against threats of ground infiltration.

The IDF’s first combat intelligence unit was established within the Intelligence Corps following Israel’s Yom Kippur War in 1973, with the purpose of providing additional security to keep Israel safe during times of war and peace.

In 2000, the IDF recognized the increased importance of the unit, resulting in its separation from the Intelligence Corps and the establishment of a modern, independent Combat Intelligence Corps. Today, as the need for collecting combat intelligence and maintaining observation networks grows, the Combat Intelligence Corps expands as well.

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