Adopt a Battalion and Support Israeli Combat Battalions

Care for a battalion with a personal touch.

About the Adopt a Battalion Program

For those on the frontlines, there are a few premier battalions that carry with them a rich heritage of dangerous combat and incredible heroism. Through FIDF’s Adopt a Battalion program, supporters have the opportunity to directly support these premier battalions. Adopt a Battalion offers soldiers support for all of their immediate needs, providing qualifying IDF combat battalions the opportunity to unwind from their difficult training and responsibilities. They are able to enjoy activities such as holiday ceremonies and events, recreational activities, and special days of fun and leisure with their fellow soldiers.

Recently, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, formally recognized the importance of FIDF’s Adopt a Battalion and Adopt a Brigade programs and extended a warm thank you to who have adopted IDF Brigades and Battalions. As Battalion and Brigade adopters, a direct connection with a specific unit is formed in support of the wellbeing needs of the soldiers, creating the best possible environment for the men and women in uniform to keep Israel safe and secure.

“In the name of all of the IDF commanders and soldiers, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for opening your hearts and for your long-lasting friendship.”

-Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces

We are honored by the commitment of our Battalion and Brigade adopters and the recognition by the IDF Chief of Staff, demonstrating the strong relationship and bonds between FIDF and the Israel Defense Forces in support of our beloved soldiers.

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Dear Friends of the IDF,

Our partners to the “Adopt a Battalion” project,

On May 14th, 1948, the very day of the Declaration of Independence, the State of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion wrote the following words in his personal journal: “At four o’clock in the afternoon, Jewish independence was declared and the state was established with its fate in the hands of its security forces.”

These simple words epitomize the essence of the IDFs role; reminding us all of the grave responsibility of protecting the State of Israel, its civilians and residents that, lays on the shoulders of the officers and soldiers who work tirelessly to fulfill their mission to ensure stability, security and prosperity with the support of your generous contributions.

The bond you share with the IDF exemplifies the unique relationship between the Jewish people around the world and the State of Israel and is a demonstration of Zionism and a true love for the country. From the moment soldiers enlist to the day they finish their service, your impact is prevalent throughout the branches of the military; in cultivating a suitable service environment, funding scholarships and rewards for all of the servicemen and women, mainly those in combat units. Our reality requires of us to constantly enhance our readiness in all arenas and dimensions – in the air and sea, on the ground and in the less conspicuous intelligence and cyber domains.

Our soldiers carry their duties within, along and at times, beyond our borders. The IDF will continue to safeguard Israel and ensure its strength.

One generation after another, dozens of thousands of excellent soldiers and commanders driven by a deep sense of purpose, come together working assiduously to ensure the future of the State of Israel, as envisioned by David Ben Gurion with your help.

In the name of all of the IDF commanders and soldiers, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for opening your hearts and for your long lasting friendship.

With much gratitude,

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Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi Chief of the General Staff
Israel Defense Forces