Haganah: Literally meaning defense, Haganah was born as a clandestine, grassroots military organization in 1920, and evolved into the modern day Israel Defense Forces. 

We kicked off our own grassroots movement called Haganah that aims to provide a platform for the Long Island community to serve and support our brothers and sisters in the IDF. Scott and Amy Smith created the FIDF Long Island Haganah with a passion for Israel and a vision of life-changing support. 

Scott and Erica Donner hosted the kickoff event at their home where 30 people gathered to learn about the new initiative and listen to personal stories from five IDF soldiers. We were so pleased to have with us Lieutenant (res) Heli, Captain Ori, Captain Joshua, Corporal Zohar, and Captain Ohad who shared their stories of heroism and hardship. 

Haganah co-chairs Debi and Steven Yadegari spoke about the importance of now. Not only does Israel face a constant and imminent threat by its hostile neighbors every day, but antisemitism is rampant and Israel is our only insurance policy. The time is now for an American-Israeli Reboot as we build a vibrant, modern force for direct connection and direct support.