Day One - March 9, 2018 

After arriving the day before, the group kicked the mission off with a official commencement of FIDF’s National Women’s Mission, led by Brigadier General (Res.) Gila Klifi-Amir and a welcome dinner.

The first day began with a small group meeting with Former IDF Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz, the group went to visit Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial for the victims of the Holocaust.

Later on, the group enjoyed a festive Shabbat dinner at the stunning home of Aba and Pamela Claman in the Old City.

Day Two - March 10, 2018 

The group spent the day exploring Jerusalem’s rich history through a walking tour of the historic Old City with an emphasis Christian and Jewish history. After the tour, they heard an engaging lecture by a former high-ranking officer in the IDF followed by dinner and a special evening out in the city.

Day Three - March 11, 2018 

The day began with a visit to the Hall of Remembrance for Fallen Soldiers on Mount Herzel followed by a visit to Ben-Gurion's tomb. The day proceeded with a visit to Sde Boker, a pre-military academy and gap year leadership-training program for Israeli high school graduates. Then the group visited the Hall of Remembrance for Fallen Soldiers on Mount Herz followed by a meeting with a bereaved mother to hear her personal story.

Day Four - March 12, 2018 

The day began with a visit to Tze’elim base and the group heard first hand from hardworking female soldiers and commanders in the field. Tze’elim is the official training base for the IDF ground forces Infantry Corps, Paratrooper Corps, Armor Corps, Artillery Corps, and the Corps of Engineers. The base also trains ground reserve forces.The day concluded with a special Bedouin cultural experience including food and music.

Day Five - March 13, 2018 

The group visited an Israeli Air Force Base, which features some of the most advanced technology in aeronautics in the world. They met female F-15/16 pilots and navigators and learn about how they fly during times of war and peace, and the advanced technologies used in IAF operations

Next up was Tel Aviv. After checking-in at the Hotel, dinner was served along with a lecture by the Dvora Forum, a professional network of senior women in foreign policy, security, public policy, and law who aim to advance the standing of women in the IDF, and in Israeli society.

Day Six - March 14, 2018 

The group visited the Kirya, the IDF Headquarters, and meet with the Women's Affairs Advisor to the Chief of Staff, as well as female IDF Combat Officers. After this, they had a Legacy lunch -  lunch and panel discussion with those who have lost loved ones in the IDF followed by free time to experience the nightlife of Tel Aviv.

Day Seven - March 15, 2018 

The day included an exclusive tour of Haifa Navy base, navy ship, and an in-depth explanation of the tools they use daily followed by a farewell dinner to celebrate the week’s journey in Caesarea.