Active Mission for 60+ Solo Travelers & Couples

September 9th – 15th, 2022

Join FIDF supporters from across the country to experience Israel like never before – alongside the soldiers of the IDF. This boutique mission will feature 5-star luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, wine tastings and more, but most importantly, you will experience Israel with exclusive access to IDF bases and  high ranking IDF commanders for a truly unforgettable insider’s view.

Experience the wonders of Israel through the unique lens only FIDF can offer:

  • Immerse yourself in Israeli culture from the moment you arrive.
  • Travel through Jerusalem’s multi-layered history with a visit to the Old City and religious holy sites.
  • Explore the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Get behind-the-scenes tours of IDF bases, and meet with top officials and dignitaries
  • Take home extraordinary memories to share with your friends and loved ones.


Space is Limited

For more information, please contact National Director of Planned Giving & Foundations Jeff Klein at




FIDF missions are unlike any other. You will journey through history, society, and culture, taking in the iconic highlights of each destination, while gaining a unique perspective from those who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect those very landmarks. You will delve into an unforgettable educational experience, led by inspiring mission leaders, marked by spirited conversations, and shared with newfound friends. The friendships are forever, the experience is everlasting.



  • Access to trailblazers who are setting the world agenda
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of IDF bases
  • Personal meetings with top officials and dignitaries
  • The opportunity to truly engage with the men and women of the Israel Defense Forces.



When you go on an FIDF mission, you become a part of something larger than yourself. Traveling to Israel with FIDF and getting to know the soldiers who safeguard Israel is incredibly meaningful to our brothers and sisters in uniform. As they stand on the frontlines, day in and day out, we stand in solidarity with them and show them that they are not alone. Each smile, each word of encouragement from their friends across the ocean strengthens them throughout their service.