Shabbat Options

Welcome, Shomer Shabbat Participants! The FIDF Ride family is here to welcome and accommodate participants from all backgrounds, as inclusivity is one of our highest priorities.

For anyone who is observant, we will go above and beyond to accommodate your preferred Shabbat arrangements. Saturday November 12th will be an optional ride, and considered a logistics day. Sunday, November 13 is the first official day of the ride. All meals on the ride will be kosher.

The closing ceremony will take place on Thursday evening at the Orient Hotel Jerusalem. The ride officially concludes on Thursday, November 17th.The hotel room is booked until 11am on Friday. Participants can choose to spend Shabbat as they wish: with family and friends in Israel, or fly home early on Thursday night to be home with family.

We want everyone to enjoy the trip and experience a full week of riding in Israel!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact