Bicycle Information:

If you bring your own bike, which we highly recommend, our professional staff will be available to assist you in assembling and breaking down your bike at the beginning and end of the trip.



Our ground crew is superb!  We will carefully handle your bike from start to finish.  Upon arrival: We will pick up you and your bike and transport the bike via truck to the hotel.  Your transport box or bag will be stored for the trip home.  Your bike will be assembled by our mechanics – you can give them the go-ahead or watch and/or assist.

Your bike will be safely stored each evening.

You will receive full technical support during the ride, but please note, while there will be no labor charges during the trip, riders who bring their own bike will be responsible to pay for the cost of any replacement parts that are required.  Please bring extra tubes!  DO NOT BRING ANY CO2 CARTRIDGES!  They will not go through customs.

Your bike will be carefully re-packed for transport to the airport at the end of the ride.


Yep – we can do that.  We have a fleet of rental bikes available for you.  You will need to supply your height, the style of bike you are riding and its size and make/model (so that we can as closely as possible duplicate your fit).

RENTAL BIKES: Your rental will be available for the entire tour.  Hybrid $200.  Road Bike $250.00 Carbon Road Bike $450.00.  eBike $450.00

Please bring your own pedals, shoes, and GPS unit.

For more information on the rental program, please contact: Amir Rockman


The best way for our rental team to know what to have ready for you is a couple of simple measurements as well as the make, model, and size of your bike.  An inseam measurement with shoes ON will help you to get the right size bike. The make/model is usually shown somewhere on the bike itself.  The size can be determined by the measurement we show in the diagram below.

bike diagram

SAG   (FYI – SAG  means “support & gear”)

All routes will be accompanied with extensive road support including: mechanics, first-aid, rest stops, tour guides, and service staff providing food and water.  Rest stops will occur every 15-25 miles and will include snacks, fruit, energy bars, water and energy drinks.  Unlike many rides, you can hop on the SAG when you need or want to and hop back off if you want to continue riding.  SAG vehicles will be monitoring all day and the big trailer won’t be far behind.  We’ve got you covered! Bring your own on-the-road snacks and fluid replacement drinks if you have special preferences.

Register for the 2019 Cycling Mission to Israel
f you are interested in registering for the 2019 FIDF Ride Israel, please contact [email protected] or call 312-372-8511, for application and pricing information.