hear from the soldiers

While Israel does its part, Friends of the IDF are doing ours to ensure every soldier’s health and wellbeing is cared for. Since the onset of the pandemic, FIDF has launched several massive campaigns that have resulted in the distribution of tens of thousands of hygiene kits to combat soldiers and units adopted by FIDF, who were unable to leave their bases, fitness packages to ensure quarantined soldiers remained strong and comfortable, and financial vouchers to ensure sudden financial strain did not affect soldiers’ health and nutrition.

A message from Major General Nadav Padan, Commander of the Central Command

Messages from soldiers







My name is Aharon and I am a lone soldier from the State of New Jersey.

I serve in a special forces unit which is adopted by the FIDF. Our unit is constantly training to ensure that we are ready for any threat to the State of Israel which might present itself. I am currently a commander in my unit, and it is my honor and duty to train the next generation of soldiers.


Usually we get to go home every few weeks or so, because of the COVID-10 pandemic, we won’t be leaving base for at least a month. This of course means that we’ll be on base during the Passover holiday-away from our friends-and for those soldiers who were supposed to fly home for the holiday-away from their families. It’s a difficult situation, but I am confident that this is the right decision. We will maintain our abilities to protect and the State of Israel.


To all FIDF supporters: Please know that your support is highly appreciated- not only by lone soldiers but by all the soldiers in my unit. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received and continue to receive."