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IDF SpokespersonDear Friends,

In these uncertain times, I find it important to maintain clear lines of communication and keep our service members and friends well informed about the situation, the strategy of the IDF and the steps taken so far.

In light of that, I’d like to update you on a few developments.

As I informed in the previous message, our aim is to ensure and protect our capability to execute our mission to defend the State of Israel.

As such, the strategy defined by the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, in coordination with the Ministries of Health and Defense, and under the guidance of the security cabinet, is to minimize the exposure of IDF personnel to the virus, especially our service members who perform the most essential tasks of the IDF.

In order to achieve that aim, the IDF is implementing swift and broad measures designed to minimize the probability of contamination, including prohibiting any non-essential physical interaction between civilians and IDF personnel and ordering all combat soldiers and field units to remain on base for an indefinite period of time.

We know these and other measures are inconvenient, but they are absolutely necessary for the health of our personnel. Regarding our Lone Soldiers, let me just say that commanders in the field, and in all units, are taking extra care of their Lone Soldiers, both those in units and those in medical quarantine. As Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz, the Head of the Manpower Directorate, stipulated in this message: We have established a dedicated information center for Lone Soldiers and their loved ones, in addition to a special quarantine facility in the Givat Olga recreation center, to provide the best care and attention to their needs.

The IDF Home Front Command has been tasked by the MOD with assisting the national effort to contain the spread of the virus in the country by managing two (soon to be four) large hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which have been converted to quarantine and rehabilitation centers for the civilian population. This will be quite a unique national effort that I’m sure many countries will analyze the effectiveness of.

You can find the latest updates and information on the topic at the IDF’s official website.

As a closing remark, I think it’s crucial to remain composed and maintain our focus. It’s still uncharted territory in many ways, but you can all rest assured that the IDF will continue to stand guard, assist the civilian authorities in Israel, and look for ways to make the best of the situation. As always, please accept our deepest thanks for your continued support and care.


Lt. Colonel Jonathan Cornicus
Head of International Media Branch
IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

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JOnathan Concriscus“In these times of fear and ambiguity, one thing remains clear: the IDF must and will continue to stand guard and defend Israel against any threat. We have taken swift measures to minimize our exposure and ensure the continued smooth operations of the IDF. These measures also include travel restrictions on all IDF personnel, which affect our beloved lone soldiers as well.

Instead of flying overseas for Pesach, with your help, we will find them the best way to celebrate and enjoy home away from home. As always, we remain grateful for your amazing support to the brave men and women of the IDF. Shalom!”

Lt. Colonel Jonathan Cornicus
Head of International Media Branch
IDF Spokesperson’s Unit