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Behind the Headlines



Northern Border


Who: Lt. Col. I, Head of the Lebanon Department in the IDF Intelligence Corps

Topic: The Northern Border: Exposed

When: December 29, 2020 at 1:00PM EST


Behind the Headlines



Cyber warfare


Who: Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan, Former Head of IDF Central Command

Topic: Cyber Warfare: A New Dimension in Modern War 

When: December 22, 2020 at 1:00PM EST


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Terror tunnels

Who: Col. Yuval Moshe, Chief of the IDF Engineering Corps, Southern Command

Topic: Unearthing Terror’s Tunnels 

When: December 10, 2020 at 1PM EST




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Peace deal


Who: Ambassador David Friedman, United States Ambassador to Israel

Topic: Stories from the Secret UAE Peace Treaty Negotiations 

When: December 1, 2020 at 12:00PM EST



Behind the Headlines



Who: Dr. Michael Halberthal, Director General of Rambam Medical Center and Lt. Col. Ariel Furer, M.D., Chief Medical Innovation Officer 

Topic: The Corona Ward at Rambam Hospital 

When: November 10, 2020 at 1:00PM EST



Our 2020 FIDF National Gala, "A Night of Heroes" took place virtually on September 13th.

Featuring breathtakingly inspiring stories of heroism, join us for the one evening this year exclusively dedicated to the young men and women of the IDF, as the entire FIDF family unites in an extraordinary expression of giving and solidarity.

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On August 2, we celebrated 18 years of FIDF’s flagship educational initiative, the IMPACT! Scholarship Program. The 4-year IMPACT! Scholarships our donors gift to former IDF combat soldiers from low socio-economic backgrounds enable them to achieve their dreams of higher education. This one-of-a-kind program also helps to fund soldiers’ living expenses while they study and facilitates a personal relationship with their U.S. sponsors. The IMPACT! program causes ripples of positive transformation across Israel, improving soldiers’ lives, their families’ futures, and communities across Israel through the program’s required community service hours. In short, the IMPACT! program invests in one soldier at a time to build a better Israel! 


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Navy event
Topic: Safeguarding Israel - Behind the Scenes with Israeli Navy Captain

About the Event: Capt. (N) E., an officer in the Israeli Navy has held various positions throughout his tenure, including Commanding Officer of different vessels, Commander of a Fast Patrol Boat Squadron and a Missile Boat Squadron, and positions in headquarters command. With the special perspective of his current classified role, Capt. (N) E., gave a behind the scenes briefing about the Israeli Navy and their significance safeguarding the Jewish Homeland, including:

  • A deep dive into the recent incident where the Israeli Navy thwarted a naval attempt to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip from the coast of northern Sinai
  • Information about daily operations
  • Details about the navy’s core mission in protecting strategic Israeli assets
  • Insights into flotilla commando units and Israeli Naval Missile Ships

When: This event took place on July 7, 2020

Topic: Mr. Gideon Weiss is an expert in air-to-air missiles, tactical missiles, naval and electronic warfare systems, directed energy, air-to-surface systems and Ballistic Missile Defense. Mr. Weiss graduated from the Israeli Air Force (IAF) Flight Academy with honors in 1985 and served as an active-duty fighter pilot for 10 years, flying Kfir C-7s, A-4 Skyhawks and F-15s. Mr. Weiss went on to command the graduate fighter training phase at the IAF Flight Academy, served in various commanding posts, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, after many years as a reserve F-15 fighter pilot.

Mr. Weiss joined RAFAEL in 1993 and has risen in the ranks to become Vice President of Marketing Air and C4I Systems, where he plans and manages business development, marketing and strategy for this Israeli defense technology company, known for pioneering ingenious defense advancements. Most famous for developing the Iron Dome, the company innovates cyber and security solutions for complex combat and battlespace challenges.

When: This event took place on June 14th

Who: Dynamic Dialogue with Survivor, Haganah Sniper, and Trailblazer, the World-Renowned Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

Topic: An orphan of the Holocaust turned Haganah sniper and celebrity sex therapist, troubles and tragedy can’t keep down Dr. Ruth. Join us as we have coffee with the predictably unpredictable pop-culture icon, as she gives us a peek into the barracks of the pre-state Haganah and inspires us all to rise above setbacks with her own trailblazing tale. This event will be moderated by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, investigative reporter and news anchor, Jerry Levine.

When: This webinar took place on June 11th

Topic: National Women's Event

When: This event took place on May 27, 2020

The FIDF Women's Brigade connects dynamic and passionate women who are committed to the soldiers of Israel. Our virtual National Women's Event will feature Safra A. Catz, who has served as chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation since 2014 and has been a member of the company’s board of directors since 2001. She previously served as president of Oracle and has also served as the company’s chief financial officer. Prior to being named president, Catz held various other positions since starting at Oracle in 1999. She currently serves as a director of The Walt Disney Company and previously served as a director of HSBC Holdings plc. This inspiring event will be hosted by Yasmin Lukatz, a Stanford University MBA graduate, who is a startup investor, philanthropist, and the founder and executive director of ICON (Israel Collaboration Network), which helps Israeli entrepreneurs penetrate the U.S. market.


Featuring: Veteran and active-duty soldiers of the famed Paratrooper's Brigade that liberated Jerusalem

Topic: Jerusalem Day Celebration

When: This event took place on May 21, 2020

Celebrate Yom Yerushalayim with FIDF! Together we’ll mark the 53rd Anniversary of Israel's historic victory in the 1967 Six-Day War and hear from veteran and active-duty soldiers from the illustrious Paratroopers Brigade that led the courageous battle that reunited Israel’s holiest city, Jerusalem.

Featuring: Bob Diener, Co-Founder & President of GetaRoom.com

Topic: National Young Leadership Event: After Hours with Bob Diener

When: This event took place on May 19, 2020

The YL community joined us for a virtual happy hour with Bob Diener, co-founder and President of GetaRoom.com, which was awarded best hotel booking site by Frommers.com, and co-founder and past president of Hotels.com, where he took the company public in 2000 and merged it with Expedia in 2003. As a leading travel industry expert, Bob makes frequent appearances on NBC, CNN, and Fox News, among others. His writing has been published in the Harvard Business Review and on Aish.com, and he has authored two books, “The Biblical Secrets to Business Success” and “The Savvy Traveler.” Bob earned his law degree at Cornell University, serves on the national board of directors of AIPAC, Israel Bonds and Hasbara Fellowships, lives in Miami with his family, and is an avid triathlete and kitesurfer.


Who: Tanya Zuckerbrot MS., RD, CEO & Founder of F-Factor

Topic: 30-Minutes to Meat-Free Cauliflower Bolognese

When: This event will took place on May 17, 2020


What: Workout Wednesdays with FIDF

Who: IMPACT! Graduate and Marathoner, Ilann Titon

Topic: Leg and Core Strength Training on Stairs!

When: This event took place on May 13, 2020


Who: Brig. Gen. Tal Aharon, Head of the Technological Division of the IDF Ground Forces

Topic: Supply Chain and Technological Development in the Spread of COVID-19

When: This event took place on May 7, 2020

About the speaker: Brig. Gen. Tal Aharon joined the IDF in 1990, and holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He served in various positions in the IDF’s Technological Division of the Ground Forces before stepping into his current role as Head of the Division, and has been involved in the technological development of numerous vehicles, tanks, armored personnel carriers (APCs), weapon systems, robotics, and more. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Brig. Gen. Aharon has been leading acquirement initiatives of Medical Corps equipment and technological solutions aimed at assisting the civilian population.


Who: IDF Fitness Instructor, Lt. (res.) Dana

Topic: Functional Training Workout

When: This event took place on May 6, 2020


Who: Culinary Influencer & Sommelier, Chef Alon Gonen

Topic: Israeli Cooking with FIDF!

When: This event took place onApril 26, 2020.



Join us from wherever you are for our National Celebration of the State of Israel!


Yom HaZikaron Memorial with FIDF. Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze l’Ze – All of Israel is responsible for one another. Watch as we honor the IDF soldiers and victims of terror who gave their lives in defense of the State of Israel.

Our moving, virtual memorial program, recognized by JPost, honors Israel’s fallen heroes and inspires us all to continue the work they started and to champion the values they defended.


Who: FIDF IMPACT! Student, David

Topic: Workout Wednesdays. Learn Boxing with FIDF!

When: This event took place on April 22, 2020

Yom HaShoah
Yom HaShoah Memorial with FIDF. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps and the end of World War II. Join us to honor the memory of those who perished during the darkest days of the Jewish people and pay tribute to those who survived to make a better world for us all.




Who: FIDF IMPACT! student, Daniel

Topic: Israeli Cooking with FIDF! How to Make Authentic Falafel from Scratch!

When: This event took place on April 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST




FaudaWho: Fauda Stars: Rona Lee Shimon, Yaakov Daniel, Boaz Konforty. Moderated by News 12 Anchor, Michal Divon

Topic: Coffee with the Cast

When: This webinar took place on  April 17, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM CST / 11:00 AM EST

Who: The Snir Battalion Adopted by FIDF New England as part of the Adopt-a-Battalion Program

Topic: Happy Passover Briefing with the Snir Battalion







Yony Poohky

Who: Tony Poohky, Combat Reservist and FIDF IMPACT! Graduate

Topic: Workout Wednesday with FIDF! 30-min Functional Interval Training

When: This event took place on April 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM CST / 12:00 PM EST




Zohar Palti

Who: Zohar Palti, Director of the Policy and Political-Military Bureau in the Israeli Ministry of Defense

Topic: The Geo Strategic Challenges of COVID-19 in Israel and the Middle East

When: This webinar took place on March 31, 2020 at 1PM EST


Lt. Col. Shai Abramson, Chief Cantor of the IDF with the IDF Rabbinical Ensemble

Who: Lt. Col. Shai Abramson, Chief Cantor of the IDF with the IDF Rabbinical Ensemble

Topic: Havdalah with the IDF

When: This event took place on March 28, 2020 at 8:30PM EST




Home Front Command Deputy Director, Brig. Gen. Yoram Laredo

Who: Home Front Command Deputy Director, Brig. Gen. Yoram Laredo

Topic: Preparedness of the IDF Home Front Command in the Fight Against COVID-19

When: This briefing took place on March 26, 2020 at 1PM EST



Coronavirus series

Who: Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Ronen Bergman

Topic: Israeli Intelligence Capabilities and the Fight Against Coronavirus

When: This webinar took place on March 24, 2020.

Brig. Gen. Tarif BaderWho: Brigadier General Tarif Bader, M.D., M.H.A., M.A., the Surgeon General of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Topic: Briefing on IDF's Management of the Coronavirus in Israel.

When: This webinar took place on March 19, 2020.