Paratroopers Brigade

Day in and day out, IDF soldiers like those in the Paratroopers Brigade work hard to ensure Israel remains safe and its citizens remain unharmed. The Adopt a Brigade Program is a way to not just support these soldiers but to become one with them, celebrating yearly brigade milestones, holidays and more. Adopt a Brigade focuses on the DIGNITY Program, SPIRIT Program, Lone Soldiers Program and general wellbeing activities.

Adoption Cost: $750,000 per year ($2,250,000 over three years)

Life in the Paratroopers

The Paratroopers Brigade forms an important part of the IDF’s Infantry Corps. Acceptance into the unit is competitive and recruits must undergo a series of tests of mental and physical stamina and ability. Along with its gallant efforts in missions and operations today, the brigade is known for its courageous fight in the Six Day War (1967), when it played an important part in the reunification of Jerusalem. The paratroopers were the ones to capture the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, a historic moment and considered a pivotal point in the war by the Israeli public because of the sanctity of these places.

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“The Paratroopers Brigade goes deep behind enemy lines, its soldiers doing everything to protect Israel in the moment of truth. Knowing there are people who appreciate this hard work and support us so strongly is truly heartwarming.”

Lt. Col. Guy Berger,
commander in the Paratroopers Brigade

Your Generous Donation Can Provide the Following:

Fleece Jacket
Food Voucher
Spirit Week - 1 Soldier
Stovetop Oven
Bunk Bed
Family-Sized Fridge
Lone Soldier Flight
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