San Diego / Orange County Chapter

About the San Diego / Orange County Chapter

The San Diego and Orange County Chapter was originally founded as the San Diego Chapter in 2009 by Dan and Nina Brodsky, Norman and Jill Smith and Julian and Jenny Josephson. With over 3000 active supporters hailing from San Diego, Orange County, Arizona and New Mexico, we host parlor meetings, women’s events, concerts with the IDF Choir, and Lone Soldier Fun Day. 

We are active supporters of IMPACT! students, currently sponsoring over 200 students, in addition to two brigades. Additionally, we have helped build several projects for the IDF’s famous 8200 Intelligence Unit, including a beautiful auditorium on Glilot Base for educational enrichment and ceremonies. We have also completed multiple renovation projects for leisure clubs and gyms.

Our annual galas are sold out events and raises close to $1M, with exciting themes ranging from IDF ingenuity to the IDF’s humanitarian efforts. Each year, we host at least one mission to Israel, and some years have sent as many as four. Participants experience the Jewish State with unparalleled access to dignitaries and bases, deepening their connections to the Israel and her soldiers.

In 2016 we created the Lapidot FIDF women’s brigade to raise and increase awareness of and support female IDF soldiers. Lapidot means valor, power, or spirit in modern Hebrew; we could not think of a more fitting name for our group. Featuring the flame, our logo embodies the courage, bravery and dedication of the women who serve the State of Israel.

To support IDF soldiers, Lapidots raises funds for projects on Israeli army bases. Our inaugural 2018 Lapidot project commemorated Israel’s 70th birthday and raised more than $15,000 to build a rest and recreation club room at a remote IDF base in the south of Israel. The club’s sofas flat screen TV, PlayStation, board games, and comfortable seating provides much needed relaxation space for the soldiers. Our 2019 luncheons raised nearly $70,000 for two projects.

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Board Members

Steven Douek Alan Katz, Vice Chairman
Danny Recht Tamara Klein Chair
Norman Smith Chairman Emeritus Doron Malka
Simon Vainer Steven Mizel
Nancie Vann Stephanie Nisan
Sioma Waisburd