Panama Chapter

About the Panama Chapter

In 2006, Nily Falic, National Chairman Emeritus of FIDF, reached out to Sion and Frida Harari, Yifat Horowitz, Abraham Assis, and Dany Levy; together they established the Panama Chapter of the FIDF. Our Chapter’s goal is to create a connection between Jewish communities in Panama and the State of Israel, along with the soldiers of the IDF who put their lives on the line every day.

Although our members and donors are small in number, we are strong in our support. Our base deeply rooted in Panama’s Sephardic and Ashkenazi communities and come from diverse professional backgrounds, including commerce, banking, and development.

The Panama Chapter has funded many construction projects including synagogues on Tel Arad Base one for Shayetet navy commandos, as well as infirmaries and medical centers. We are also supporters of brigades and battalions of the IDF, actively engaged with the Nahal Battalion.

In addition to our Gala Dinner which attracts over 600 attendees, we show our support through events such as a Yom Haatzmaut celebration, fairs, concerts and more. We have an active Young Leadership group that hosts events throughout the year.

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Board Members

Sion Harari Gabriel Setton
Abraham Assis David Btesh
Dany Levy Morris Max Harari
Yifat Horowitz Denise Harari
Ramon Gateño Yvonne Gateño
Moisés Hayo Sharon Hayo
Eli Mizrachi Frida Tawachi
Tzaji Levy Yedida Guindi
Victor Homsany Nily Dayan