Michigan Chapter

About the Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter was founded in 1996 by Norman Pappas, Hannan Lis and Ann Newman. Through the very generous support of the William and Audrey Farber Foundation, as well as countless individuals, our Chapter supports FIDF’s full scope of projects with a special emphasis on educational programs both through Formal Education and IMPACT! scholarships.

Our Annual Gala Dinner attracts over 700 attendees. We also host yearly Four Stars Impact Society Donor Appreciation events, Women’s Luncheons, Exclusive IDF Briefing programs and Synagogue events.

We are very proud to have sponsored the Michigan House in Ashkelon and to be among those that helped upgrade the Yamam Sports Center. The Sports Center provide much needed services for the young men and women of the IDF who are part of Israel’s counter terrorism unit, responsible for hostage rescue operations and offensive take over raids against targets in civilian areas. In addition, the Michigan Chapter has sponsored briefing rooms, leisure clubs, mobile gyms, and synagogues for soldiers all over Israel. As part of the Midwest Region, we also adopt the Paratroopers Brigade.

An ongoing focus for our Chapter is to grow our community by engaging with the next generation of leaders.


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Board Members

Justin Becker Alon Kaufman, Chairman Izak Rozin
Aaron Belen Shari Kaufman, Co-Vice President Uri Segal
Joshua Berkovitz, Co-Vice President Lenny Lachover Eugene Sherizen
Richard Bloom, Treasurer Arie Leibovitz Gary Shiffman, President
Mira Eisenberg Eugene Neugebohr Benny Spielman
Shlomi Hamer Ann Newman, Chairman Emeritus Aubrey Tobin
Pat Haron Aliza Nivy Brenda Wayne, Executive Committee
James Katz Mark Orechkin Bryan Weinstein
Linda Katzman Elaine Robins, Secretary