About the Los Angeles Chapter

The Los Angeles Chapter was founded in 1981 by Leo David. Our goal is very clear - to raise money for the young men and women soldiers of the IDF and to create a community that cares for and supports Israel and its soldiers.

We are so proud to be 26,000 strong and have supporters from all different communities in the greater Los Angeles area from as far south as Rancho Palos Verdes, Palm Springs to the east and Fresno to the north. Our donors include a wide range of professions from CEOs, lawyers, and doctors to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, teachers, and clergymen. We are very lucky to be supported by a long list of foundations and corporations who share our commitment including the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and the Steve Tisch Family Foundation.

Our Region has funded several projects at the new Negev Training and Wellbeing Center including: the swimming pool, conference center, sports center, central synagogue, sports court, library and the legacy heritage center. In addition, our Region has recently sponsored the Shayetet swimming pool, a new wing in the Beit Hashiron Tel Aviv Soldier’s home, Ramat Gan Lone Soldiers Center and the auditorium and heritage center for Unit 2182.

We have also supported Magav Jerusalem Yehudai Border Patrol, Magav Northern Border Patrol, Intelligence Corps Unit 8200, Edom Division HQ & Gaza Division, Duvdevan, Golani Brigade, Combat Intelligence Brigade, Nachal Brigade HQ, Shayetet 7, Paratroopers Battalion 101, Iron Dome Battalion. We are currently supporting the Iron Dome Battalion and the Combat Intelligence Brigade.

In addition to our annual “Making a Difference” Gala that attracts north of 1,000 people and raises close to $35 million, we have other events throughout the year such as Young Leadership mixers, Sunday Shvitzes, Family Fun Days, Parlor meetings, and Shabbat dinners.

Upcoming Events


2019 Western Region Gala - Save the Date! November 7, 2019


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Board Members

Ludmila Bess, M.D. Michael Karlin, Treasurer Marty Singer
Emiliano Calemzuk Daniel Khakshouri Jeff Sklar
Felice Cutler Daniel Mani Gary Stiffelman
Leo David, Chairman Emeritus & Founder Jeff Polak Jon Waterman
Igal Elyassi, D.D.S. Amitai Raziel Perrie Weiner
Michael Flesch Tony Rubin, President Phil Werthman
Fred Gluckman Ari Ryan, Vice President David Wiener
Susan Graysen, Ph.D. Larry M. Schnaid Robert Zarnegin
David Hager Adam Sher, Secretary
Larry J. Hochberg Ben Silverman


Professional Staff

Jenna Griffin, Executive Director
Lauren Faber, Director of Operations and Special Events
Julia Goldman, Director of Young Leadership
Nikki Dror, Administrative Assistant