The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact is truly unprecedented. Now, after several months of aggressively-focused and diligent efforts, Israel with the partnership of the IDF is applying its quintessential optimism and resilience to reopen the country, all while maintaining military readiness, mitigating the risk of resurgence, and continuing to protect those most vulnerable.

Globally, we are all in different stages of quarantine and social distancing, but we remain close as one community through FIDF’s COVID-19 FRONTLINES programming, your direct, free, 24/7 online portal to official information and connections to the IDF soldiers. Join us for exclusive briefings, community events, and exciting celebrations that transcend the screen and bring the soldiers to you – all available to you from the comfort of your home.

The FIDF Family’s commitment to the heroes of Israel is unwavering and absolute, and we will continue to stand together as a community, providing care and support, for them and each other. Together, we will continue to live the Jewish traits of resilience, unity, and hope, and pave the way to saved lives and livelihoods and a bright and confident post-lockdown day.