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When Daniel Farber, currently of Pittsburgh, PA and former lone soldier in Gadsar Golani Battalion, visited Israel for a business trip, he never dreamed that his business associate would turn out to be a former soldier from the same battalion!  Business was immediately put on hold while the two comrades shared army experiences.  

Daniel learned that his battalion, Gadsar Golani, was in need of sponsorship.  It was a natural step for him and his family to jump at the opportunity.   They take a hands-on approach to their philanthropic ventures and were delighted to adopt the very battalion in which Daniel served.  As Farber says, “We were presented with the opportunity to be involved with a program in which I have witnessed firsthand what kind of positive impact it has on the recipient. It is a real honor and a privilege to be able to adopt the Gadsar Golani Battalion.”  The sponsorship includes events such as fun and sports days, ceremonies marking important milestones in the life of the battalion, celebration of Jewish holidays, and other recreational needs for the soldiers who operate daily to protect Israel.

When the family visited the battalion this past April for a ceremony, Daniel shared his experiences as a lone soldier.  Farber was impressed to see how the unit had made drastic changes to advance its tactical strategy and implemented innovative technological solutions.  “I was also extremely impressed by the high caliber of the high ranking officers in the battalion.  They are true Jewish heroes.”  His son, Yoad, just a couple of months old at the time, was very well behaved during the ceremony and  was crowned as the youngest of the Gadsar Golani Battalion!  

While Daniel Farber and his family are only living in Pennsylvania for a few more months, he is happy that FIDF has expanded into the Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey Region and hopes that it will continue to successfully grow and support our IDF soldiers.  We thank the Farber family for being such a wonderful role model for all of our Friends of the IDF supporters!
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