Young Leaders Visit The IDF Soldiers

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YL Base Visit April 2011

Over 10 Young Leadership participants had the privilege of visiting the Magav Center of the IDF's Barak Unit during Pesach on April 21, 2011. It was a fascinating and informative visit hosted by the unit's commander and deputy commander. The soldiers put on an incredible demonstration for us which began with a staged drug bust. They also presented various operational and military tactics, including the use of camouflage, K-9 dogs, sponge ball shooters, and robots that can assist with bomb detonation. The impact of this unique group of soldiers extends beyond the borders of Israel. For example, several of them traveled to Haiti to provide assistance in the wake of the devastating earthquake in 2010. Our visit was an extraordinary opportunity and we are so thankful of the Barak Unit.

International students visiting FIDF soldiers

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Heiman Base Visit- April 2011

When Oren Heiman decided to get married in the desert in his native Israel, he wanted to celebrate with all of his friends. Oren, a lawyer at Shibboleth who spends much of his free time involved with Jewish philanthropies, is also studying in an executive MBA program at Columbia and he invited his classmates, many of whom had never been to Israel, so that they could share in his wedding and discover the beauty of his homeland and the courage and hospitality of its people.

His friends gathered from all across the world, and Oren invited them to join him on a base visit with the Maglan unit, a special forces unit of the IDF. The group met the Master Sargeant and several combat soldiers from the unit, and they had the opportunity to try on uniforms, practice climbing ropes, visit the firing range and the tanks and observe soldiers in training.

Oren’s guests had an incredible experience visiting the base and meeting the brave soldiers of the IDF and came away with a clear understanding of the important work of FIDF and the need to support the soldiers.

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