Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz shares his experiences

Yom Limmud weekend with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz

The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, San Diego Chapter welcomed Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz to San Diego during the last weekend in January. The charismatic former General Chief of Staff, shared his insight on the future of Israel and the current turmoil in Egypt, with a group of Young Professionals at a Meet and Greet at the Sheraton La Jolla.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz also spoke to a group of San Diegans at a private dinner graciously hosted by Elena Romanowsky at her home. This intimate evening allowed those present to hear first hand of the General’s military experience, his plans for the future and thoughts on Israeli/US relations.

On Sunday, at Yom Limmud (Jewish Day of Learning), sponsored by the Agency for Jewish Education, Lt. Gen. (Ret). Dani Haloutz gave a keynote speech to over 200 people. The weekend ended with a small dinner in Orange County.

Mrs. Mao Shillman

Mr. Yehudi Geffen and Board Member, Dr. Ray Fink

Board Member Debra Rosen and her husband, Dr. Hugh Rosen

David and Linda Finkelstein

Barbara and Sheldon Ostroff

Elena Romanowsky and Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz

Yom Limmud Co-Chair, Jack Maizel & Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haluotz

Advisor Ran Pdut, Gen. Haloutz, San Diego Chapter’s Chairman, Julian
Josephson and Nir BenZvi, Executive Director of the local Chapter

Yom Limmud Co-Chair & FIDF Board Member, Jackie S. Gmach with
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz

Yom Limmud’s Keynote Speaker, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Dani Haloutz

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