Eitan Program
In Mankind We Believe

Eitan Program provides an opportunity for teenagers from difficult backgrounds exempt from enlisting to join the IDF. The program supplies them with tools to have a full and meaningful service and provides them with a vocation as a mode of succeeding in life thereafter.

At the end of their service, the soldiers may choose one of three professional courses funded by FIDF and offered by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Upon completing technical and vocational training, the soldiers receive an official trade diploma, recognized by and given on behalf of the Ministry. This diploma provides these veterans with the tools to build their lives as civilians and to be able to support themselves and their families.

Recruits joining Eitan Program are supported by a unique system that provides a structure and a belief that each individual can excel. During this experience, soldiers discover new capabilities and gain tools that truly provide them with a second chance. The 2-10 month courses provided at the end of each participant’s military service teach the soldiers a vocation, which provides them with a foundation to succeed in their civilian lives as professionals. They are then incorporated into Israeli society and contribute to the safety, security, and economy of the country and the Jewish people as a whole.

  • cost: $3,150 per soldier.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and the IDF match the contribution with an additional $2,200 per soldier.
  • In 2013, 110 soldiers participated in the Eitan Program and helped open doors for their future.

Resolved to Succeed:
The Story of Nissim Siboni

Nissim Siboni was a success by all accounts at the age of 16. This all changed with one mistake: a visit to his hometown for the weekend, a violent fist fight, a friend’s betrayal, and an arrest. He then got a second chance when he began his military service.  WATCH THE VIDEO



"This project saves lives. If it didn’t exist, some of the people here would turn to crime, drugs, end up in prison. It gives them structure. I was one of them."

- Netanel Abramov, Eitan soldier


"We’re talking about a mission, here. It’s a moral mission for us and a moral mission for the army."

- Ophir Hacohen, Officer in Eitan Program 


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