A letter from From Mitchell Kopelman - an FIDF donor who visited a base in Israel

From Mitchell Kopelman-
Our family trip to Israel this summer had many special moments.  We spent the better part of a day with the IDF Magav Unit that is part Border Patrol Police and part Army.  

They shared with us aspects of their undercover work and trained us on how to shoot Uzi's and handguns.

The time with the soldiers gave our entire family a stronger connection to Israel.

We had a similar visit in 2007 and were so impressed with the benefits FIDF brings to the soldiers and their families, that we became annual donors to organization.

In 2007 our son Jared and in 2010 our son Justin each committed to donate a portion of their monetary gifts for their Bar Mitzvah to FIDF.

Mitchell and Stacy Kopelman
Children Jared and Justin
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