FIDF National Rabbinic Cabinet

FIDF National Rabbinic Cabinet extends to its members unique opportunities to learn more about the range of personal challenges faced by Israel's socio-economically, ethnically, and religiously diverse soldiers and their families.  By raising awareness in our communities of the serious need for support for these soldiers, National Rabbinic Cabinet members can enlist Jews and others to become involved in FIDF programs that support soldiers or bereaved families in need.

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- The Mitzvah Project: Connecting Our Teens to Our Soldiers
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is among my greatest privileges, both as a Rabbi and as a Jew, to serve as National Chairman of FIDF National Rabbinic Cabinet.  As Jewish leaders, we share a sacred responsibility for Israel's security and for ensuring a vibrant Jewish future. I firmly believe that by encouraging our communities to provide for the welfare and well-being of Israel's young men and women, who are serving courageously to defend our Jewish homeland, we support critical endeavors to achieve both of these aims.  FIDF National Rabbinic Cabinet invites rabbis of all Jewish denominations, reflecting the fullest diversity of the Jewish Community, to respond meaningfully to these challenges together.  

The young men and women of the IDF face greater challenges than ever before.  The National Rabbinic Cabinet is committed to advocating on behalf of Israel's right to defend itself against terror and aggression. Rabbinic Cabinet members are provided with rare opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the complex security-threats from which Israel's fine young men and women protect the country daily.  Visits with soldiers in the field, on bases, or in more casual settings, and high-level briefings by leading Israeli military and diplomatic officials, are included in all FIDF Missions sponsored by the National Rabbinic Cabinet. In addition, Israeli officials often visit the United States under the auspices of FIDF, enabling opportunities for Stateside briefings for Rabbinic Cabinet members.
I encourage you to join our Rabbinic Cabinet.  Together we can model for the Jewish community our unwavering support for the welfare of Israel's young men and women in uniform, serving to defend the State of Israel and representing the best, the brightest, and the bravest of the Jewish future.

B'Virkhat Shalom - With Blessings of Peace,


Rabbi Isaac Jeret
FIDF National Rabbinic Cabinet



“The security of the State of Israel depends upon the incredible young men and women serving in the IDF. More than ever, they need to know that they have our full support.”
-Rabbi Michael Resnick,
Palm Beach, FL

“Since the times of King Solomon, no Jew could go to sleep with a sense of peace and security as we can today. The young men and women of the IDF watch over all of us, no matter the geographical distance. The IDF is more than an army; it is uniquely where the diverse socioeconomic segments of Israeli society melt into a pluralistic community, ensuring great leadership for years to come. They do more than their part for the Jewish future, we must do our part for them!.”
-Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, Westchester, NY

Rabbinic Cabinet Members

  • Rabbi Reuben Israel Abraham
  • Rabbi Michael Baum
  • Rabbi Seth Bernstein
  • Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski
  • Rabbi Richard Camras
  • Rabbi Morely Feinstein
  • Rabbi Gary Glickstein
  • Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
  • Rabbi Felipe Goodman
  • Rabbi Nicole Guzik
  • Rabbi Eli Herscher
  • Rabbi Jonathan Infeld
  • Rabbi Eric Lankin
  • Rabbi Elliot Pearlson
  • Rabbi Michael Resnick
  • Rabbi Laurie Rice
  • Rabbi Philip Rice
  • Rabbi Carnie Rose
  • Rabbi Marc Schneier
  • Rabbi Erez Sherman
  • Rabbi Steven Weil
  • Rabbi David Wolpe
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