IMPACT! Scholarship Program
Investing in Israel’s Future Leaders

Make a Direct IMPACT! through the Gift of Higher Education

Make a direct IMPACT! on the life of a former Israeli combat soldier by giving him or her the gift of higher education. IMPACT! recipients are Israel’s future leaders who, with your help, can realize their greatest potential. A contribution to IMPACT! covers the cost of tuition at an accredited institution and related expenses, such as textbooks. And the power of the program resonates far beyond the individual since recipients are required to complete 130 hours of community service each year of their scholarship.

Did You Know...

  • For the academic year 2012-2013, FIDF granted 3,400 scholarships and sponsored students at over 90 institutions.
  • IMPACT! scholarships are granted for studies in Israel.
  • To be eligible, candidates must come from a disadvantaged socio-economic background which would prevent them from pursuing higher education and have served as combat soldiers or combat-support soldiers.
  • IMPACT! is the #1 scholarship program in providing community service in Israel.
  • IMPACT! students write their donors at least twice a year to update them about the progress of their studies. Many long-lasting relationships have grown from the IMPACT! connection.
  • IMPACT! students have volunteered for a total of over 2.5 million hours of community service since the program’s inception
  • The cost per student is $16,000 for a four-year scholarship.

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"In my last year of the military service, I saw all my friends planning for the years ahead – for higher education. I also dreamed of attending university, but I knew I couldn't afford it, I almost gave up. Today I'm studying here in Bar Ilan University and I hope I’ll be able to offer my children a better life than my parents could give me."

- Ohad, IMPACT! scholarship recipient, Bar Ilan University


"I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to learn and to create a better future for myself. I know that without your help I couldn't have done it. This scholarship helps me to continue studying and to achieve the success that I always wanted."

- Yoni, IMPACT! scholarship recipient, Ort Braude College


"I have always been so excited to hear about Gadi’s studies and his life through his emails and phone conversations. In the last year, I heard of his engagement and his interest in continuing on with his education. It is due to Gadi’s dedication and the work of all the young soldiers in Israel that I continue to support the IMPACT! program.  For me, being able to give back to the soldiers in the IDF through education is just the beginning – just one way of saying Thank You."

- Jane Oster, IMPACT! supporter
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